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Pi Omicron Omega in Sisterhood

Spring 2021 New Member Celebration

It is in this season of increased focus on gratitude, that we showed our gratefulness for our 2021 Initiates. Because of COVID protocols in 2021, we were unable to celebrate them in the Pi Omicron Omega way. So, on this past Sunday, we took some time to do so. We are grateful for our new sisters, our membership committee, our chapter as a whole, and our ability to continue to be of service to all mankind!

Drive Thru Celebrations 2021

Founders' Day 2021

On Sunday, June 6th, members of our chapter celebrated and visited sorority sisters Eden, Linda and Brenda with balloons and flowers.  We celebrated the birth of Eden's twins and Linda's book launch.  We also stopped by to see Brenda with some smiles and good cheer!

Caregiver's Day 2020

Founders' Day 2020

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