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Empower Our Families

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority has a strong history of supporting and servicing families, for we understand a healthy family is the foundation of a healthy community.

We will take a multi-generational approach to fortify families within our communities by addressing child hunger and promoting positive youth development and leadership, mental well-being, and senior life.

Areas of focus for this program initiative include:

  • Childhood Hunger Initiative Power Pack (CHIPP™)

    • CHIPP provides weekend and holiday meals for children within local communities and is targeted to be Alpha Kappa Alpha’s most ambitious childhood hunger program to date.

  • Youth Leadership Institute (YLI)

    • YLI is a youth-led and highly interactive leadership development program designed to empower and engage youth, ages 11-13.
  • Mental Health Awareness

    • During Mental Health Awareness month, we will use our collective efforts to fight stigma and raise awareness related to depression, anxiety, and trauma.

  • Our Seniors

    • Our Seniors focus on ensuring these members can actively participate in all AKA activities. We also will focus on providing educational programs and workshops to support senior members as they navigate senior life priorities.

Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) Highlight

Saturday, April 1, 2023, was the second session for our Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) program. In this session, participants engaged in a 'Vision Boards-Mapping our Future/Treasures' activity and helped pack 'Power Pack' bags for the Childhood Hunger Initiative Power Pack (CHIPP) program that will be disseminated in April. Participants and Pi Omicron Omega chapter members noted how much they enjoyed the activity. 

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